Desi [ɗeːsi]: comes from the Urdu and Hindi word Des (country). Desi describes someone from the home country i.e the Indian subcontinent.

Dosti [ɗoːsti]: means friendship (in Urdu, Hindi, Persian and Turkish etc.)

*Dosti.se organises after work, mingle and networking events for busy Desi professionals aged 20-40 based in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

*Dosti.se events are a no-bull way meeting new interesting people and having FUN!

*Our Desi Mingles are ideal for you if you lead a busy life but still want to meet new people from a similar cultural background in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

*The first event took place on the 28th of May 2011 in central Gothenburg with 250+ guests aged 20-40.

*NEXT EVENT will take place at Sodra Teatern in central Stockholm on the 1st of June 2013.

*Södra Teatern is Stockholm’s oldest theatre (established in 1859) and situated in the heart of Stockholm. It focuses on music and entertainment from around the world.

*Stand-up comedy+mingle: 18.00-22.00

*Club Outernational (a few floors down at Sodra Bar): 22.00-01.00

*The comedian Melody Farshin is well known from ‘RAW Comedy’ and ‘Norra Brunn’ and most recently performed at the premiere of the new Comedy club ‘Moa Svan med gäster’.

* FREE entry to Club Outernational is included for Desi Summer Mingle guests.

*Tickets are very limited because we know it’s a pain to queue for entry, bar, restrooms and coatrooms! Don’t delay getting your ticket – see you there!

Take me to Sodra Teatern’s Official Ticket Sale


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